As business owners we often expect ourselves to know everything at once. Worse, we fear that everyone else expects us to know everything too.

You know it’s unreasonable, but still you hold yourself to this unattainable standard.

How about this? What if, instead of expecting ourselves to be know-it-alls, we encouraged ourselves to be learn-it-alls?

And no I don’t mean know-it-alls-in-training.

Allow yourself to say “I don’t know”.

Give yourself permission to say “let me find out and get back to you”.
Invest in yourself and your business by getting some business coaching.

By openly being a constant learner (rather than trying to be the mythical all-knower), we model a growth mindset to our team members. And this helps them to acknowledge their own knowledge gaps and find ways to fill them.

So lighten up and give yourself room to grow. Adopting a learner stance is a big step towards building a healthy CEO mindset!

Much love,
Tess x


Dr Tess Crawley

Tess is an Australian clinical and forensic psychologist with over 20 years' experience in such diverse areas as community mental health, the prison system, perinatal mental health, university lecturing, and private practice.

Tess has a PhD in clinical psychology, has published one business-related book and is in the midst of writing a second. She is also a former actor, which some say explains a lot! In fact, she met her husband of 30+ years while they were involved in a Melbourne stage production of Macbeth (also explains a lot!).