Like A Boss – 12 Month Inner Circle Program

What Is Like A Boss?


First, let's talk tin tacks, because neither of us has time to muck about, right?

Membership costs - $3,300 a month or $770 a week

Program Commitment - 12 months

Member Benefits:

  • Weekly “Boss Squad" group meetings led by me.
  • UNLIMITED 1:1 support from me, with monthly individual sessions pre-booked for you at the outset
  • Monthly half-day business training sessions alternating between live training run by me and guest speaker sessions
  • Monthly 1:1 meetings with your PERSONAL VALET - my support team becomes your support team, to help you with marketing, personal assistance, anything that we can do to make your life easier (within reason). We tailor this service to your individual needs to take a few things off your plate each month.
  • Three working retreats (which are virtual unless Covid factors lighten up and let us play together)
  • FREE participation in No Quarter
  • FREE participation in any other training programs I offer during your membership of Like A Boss
  • FREE LIFETIME membership of Quiet Confidence Success Lounge
  • Upon graduation, you receive an exclusive invitation to join The CEO Squad for continued  support (only available to Like A Boss graduates)

What does all that look like in reality?

Well, firstly we meet as a group each week to talk about progress on goals, the challenges of business ownership, and to work through those challenges together. And three times a year we come together as a group for a two-day working retreat to really deep-dive into goal achievement. At the moment these retreats are virtual, but we'll make a surprise attack on a Melbourne glamour destination if we can make an in-person retreat work!

Secondly, we have regular guest speakers in the program ... including at the moment my accountant and business advisor, my web designer, and more as new ideas strike me.

Thirdly, members get priority access to everything I have and everything I do ... You get free participation in any programs I offer during your membership (so that might mean using No Quarter to work on shorter-term goals while Like A Boss keeps you strategic on the bigger picture, for example). Members have free and easy access to my diary to book in 1:1 time with me as needed, plus Voxer access to me for the casual "quick question". Members also have access to my admin and support team and all my policy/procedure documents. They even get to beta test new programs I want to offer in the future.

Not only that, my Like A Boss posse are the first people I turn to when I need niche training programs for my own clinicians (I insist you charge your worth, naturally!!). This helps you establish your own suite of training programs and feel confident enough to sell them! AND you are allowed to promote your own programs in my FB groups.

Why Do I Love Like A Boss So Much?

The thing I'm most proud of in the Like A Boss program is how safe members feel to be 100% authentically vulnerable when the going gets rough (which of course it does from time to time for all of us). And of course, I'm proud of what members achieve too ... from positioning themselves as experts in their field, to developing training programs and staffing policies, to launching new businesses, recruiting team members, and even launching their own coaching programs. You name it, they've achieved it or are about to.

As time has gone on, I've seen more personal growth among my Like A Boss clients than I could ever have dreamt possible. And this to me is far more important than the visible business growth (which also happens, and is also important of course). When we get the mindset right, the self-care right, and the strategic thinking right, the business growth follows. How could it not?

Most recently I've launched an invitation-only "postgraduate" program exclusive to Like A Boss graduates. It's a lower-key initiative that keeps graduates supported for further development of their business and themselves beyond the intensity of Like A Boss.

Are YOU Right For Like A Boss? 

The number one incorrect assumption that people make about me and my programs, especially Like A Boss, is that you need to be (a) super-experienced and (b) the owner of a large practice. Poppycock! The only thing you NEED to be is dedicated, motivated, and genuinely keen to connect with your peers in the program. Several Like A Boss members have been solo practitioners. Some have been right at the very beginning of their private practice journey. And yes, some have been super-experienced owners of large group practices. (They've actually been the minority.) There's no assumption that your business should be at a certain stage, it's all about whether it's the right time for you! It's simply a matter of when you know in your heart that it's time to go boots and all into investing in you as a business owner.

So if you've been curious to know what happens inside Like A Boss, now you know!

A Few More Details:

Your inclusion in the program requires a 12-month commitment from you. That’s a 12-month commitment to yourself. A 12-month commitment to your colleagues in the program. And a 12-month commitment to seeing YOU flourish (and your business along with you).

Numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 8 participants.

The program runs on a rolling-enrolment basis, meaning places only become available once someone “graduates” – assuming they don’t choose to continue on beyond their initial 12 month commitment (which many do).

So don’t think I’m kidding when I say places are RARE.

If you’d like to be considered for this program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask as many questions as you need!

Tess x