Like A Boss – Six Month Business Coaching Program


First, let's talk tin tacks, because neither of us has time to muck about, right?

Membership cost:

$770 a week (Total commitment = $20,020)

$3,300 a month (Total commitment = $19,800)

$18,700 upfront

*includes GST; 6 month commitment

Program Commitment - Six months

Member Benefits:

  • Group Sessions - Tuesdays 2:00-3:30 (MELB TIME)

    On a fortnightly basis, we alternate between "Hot Seat" sessions and "Implementation" sessions. Tess hosts Hot Seats (where we review progress and problem-solve barriers). Tess' assistant hosts the Implementation sessions (action-oriented working bees)

  • One-to-one Sessions:

    Once a month you and I will get together for a deep dive into what's working in your business, what needs tweaking, and a personal pep talk supporting you through the stresses of business ownership.

  • Personal Valet 

    You'll have access to three "personal valet" meetings with my support crew to hand over something from your to-do list. This will be tailored to your needs.

  • Working retreat

    Towards the end of our six months working together we will get together IN PERSON for a two-day luxe experience in Hobart. We will work on projects of your choice, making sure you go away feeling accomplished and even more connected to your Like a Boss posse.

    (Dates and Hobart venue tbc.)

  • Bonuses

    FREE access to Quiet Confidence Success Lounge (my little club for participants of my major programs), includes and a free monthly group zoom and discounts.

    FREE access to my pre-recorded training programs while you're a member of Like A Boss for you AND your leadership team.

How Do I Know if Like A Boss is Right for Me?

Solo Practitioner?

I started out as a solo practitioner, just like you. I get it. What I've learned is, it doesn't matter if you're a business of one or a cast of thousands, many of the struggles and solutions are the same at the core (if not on the surface). Either way, you'll feel right at home.

Large Practice Owner?

I've owned a large mental health practice since about 2009. I've experienced selling part of my business, building new bits, and winning large government tenders. I run offices in Hobart, Launceston, and Melbourne with a staff of over 20. So I know the struggles of the big business, and the small. Members of Like A Boss come from all ends of the spectrum.

New to Business? Or Super Experienced?

Makes no difference. I absolutely wish I'd had access to business coaching when I first started out, but at least you get to learn from some of my early mistakes!

Like A Boss members have ranged from the very experienced business owner to the very new. What unites them is a thirst for a simpler, more satisfying and successful business life!

Do / Don't Want to Grow Your business?

Want to grow your business into a larger team? Great. Happy with the size your business is now? Also great. Like A Boss will see YOU grow, whether or you want your business to or not.

Location, Location. 

It doesn't matter where you're based. All our meetings are conducted online. Retreats are located in nipaluna/Hobart. Like A Boss members come from all over Australia (and could come from beyond, it's just time-zones, right?).

Why Do I Love Like A Boss So Much?

As time has gone on, I've seen more personal growth among my Like A Boss clients than I could ever have dreamt possible. And this to me is far more important than the visible business growth (which also happens, and is also important of course). When we get the mindset right, the self-care right, and the strategic thinking right, the business growth follows. How could it not?

Are YOU Right For Like A Boss? 

The number one incorrect assumption that people make about me and my programs, especially Like A Boss, is that you need to be (a) super-experienced and (b) the owner of a large practice. Poppycock! The only thing you NEED to be is dedicated, motivated, and genuinely keen to connect with your peers in the program. Several Like A Boss members have been solo practitioners. Some have been right at the very beginning of their private practice journey. And yes, some have been super-experienced owners of large group practices. (They've actually been the minority.) There's no assumption that your business should be at a certain stage, it's all about whether it's the right time for you! It's simply a matter of when you know in your heart that it's time to go boots and all into investing in you as a business owner.

So if you've been curious to know what happens inside Like A Boss, now you know!

A Few More Details


Your inclusion in the program requires a 6-month commitment from you. That’s a 6-month commitment to yourself, to your colleagues in the program, and to seeing YOU flourish (and your business along with you).

Limited Numbers

Numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

Dates / Times

The program starts on Tuesday 4th June (at 2:00pm Melb time) and finishes on Tuesday 26th November.

All group sessions run for 90 minutes. Individual sessions run for 50 minutes.


So ... If you’d like to be considered for this program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask as many questions as you need!

Tess x

Black and white image of psychologist and business coach Tess Crawley looking cheekily over her glasses at you with her mobile phone in her hand.