Solo Practice Superstars


This is my entry-level program for Solo Practitioners. I know that finances and time are both tightly stretched in Solo Practice Land, so I've thought hard about how to keep the cost down as well as the time commitment. On a fortnightly basis you'll have access to either a webinar or a Q&A. You can participate live, or you can watch the recordings, that's up to you. On a daily basis you'll have access to help from inside our private Facebook group.

Membership is based on a weekly subscription basis and costs $50 a week ... that's about one and a half coffees a day (depending on where you get your coffee ... yes, I'm looking at you Melbourne!).

There is no lock-in contract. Just stay for as long as it's helpful.


  • Monthly Webinar
  • Monthly Live Q&A
  • In-Group Support
  • Discounts

Monthly Webinar

Once a month Tess will run a webinar (or pre-recorded video) on a topic relevant to your private practice journey. Topics will include supportive fee structures, sustainable marketing, time management and delegation, understanding revenue and expenditure, how to increase your fees, and more. Tess will certainly be accepting requests for specific topics too!

Monthly Live Q&A

Once a month Tess will host a live Q&A session via Zoom. Questions can be submitted ahead of time to make sure they're answered, but Tess' assistant will also be on hand to keep track of questions popping up in the Zoom chat. Timing of Webinars vs Q&A sessions: Day/time to be confirmed, but they will alternate on a fortnightly basis.

In-Group Support

As a member of our private FB group, you'll be able to ask questions, share progress, and seek help in real time. As appropriate, we will share helpful resources, inspiring books, and other relevant bits and pieces within the group. Between Tess, her support team and your fellow group members, we'll be able to nut out most things together!


As a member of the Solo Practice Superstars program, you will have access to discounts on individual coaching sessions, pre-recorded training packages, Medicare training, and more. You will also have priority access to any new offerings. Eventually, discounts will be tiered according to length of membership of the program. A loyalty bonus, if you like.

Support Team

Although Tess Crawley is the face of your business coaching journey, she'll have backup! You may have already spoken with Tess' assistant and marketing coordinator Jess through our Medicare training and FB group. Or perhaps you've purchased a training from Tess and the past and have received a personalised receipt from Lindy. Jess and Lindy will be behind the scenes on your business coaching journey with Tess, making sure that things run smoothly.


Founding Members Price - $50 a week (with no lock-in contracts).

Please click on the Subscribe Now button if you’d like to register or for more information.

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