No Quarter – Group Coaching Program


No Quarter is my most popular group coaching program for private practice owners. After a year away from group coaching, I've put plenty of thought (and the results of my own mini-research) into planning this program for 2024.

The result is TWO separate programs ... One for group practice owners, and one for solo practitioners.

My goal for No Quarter has always been simple ... to support you to make the necessary changes to help your private practice to thrive.

Commencing in February 2024, the program runs for a total of 15 weeks for group practice owners, and a total of nine weeks for solo practitioners. This includes what I'm calling "Body Doubling Marketing Sessions" with my marketing coordinator to help you put action behind the marketing goals that we'll discuss together.


  • PART 1 - Financial Review
  • PART 2 - Time Management & Delegation
  • PART 3 - Marketing

MONEY ... Whether you're a group practice owner or a solo practitioner, it is always a good idea to occasionally review your financial health. So that's where we start the program. We'll find the holes in your money bucket, build strategies to plug those holes, and identify what additional strategies will support your revenue growth.

TIME ... One of the reasons you went into private practice was to have more control and flexibility over your time. (Yep, we all fell for that one!) Let's look at what's taking up your time unnecessarily, who can assist you with some of those tasks, and which things can be let go. I'm betting it will be easier and cheaper than you think!

MARKETING ... There's no getting away from it, you simply can't sell a secret. And believe it or not, we are in the business of sales. Let's look at your marketing, what's working, what's not, what needs to change (or start!), and what help you need. My marketing coordinator will be on hand to assist so you can get started without the overwhelm. In the body doubling sessions she'll be on hand to work alongside you as you develop templates for social media, build image libraries, and get into the swing of writing text for social media posts. She'll talk you through the practicalities of scheduling posts too!

Group practice owners ... you will also have a 1:1 assessment of your overall practice model, either before we start or during the program.


Group Practice Owners' Program  - Fifteen weekly payments of $330

Solo Practice Owners' Program - Nine weekly payments of $190

Places in this program are strictly limited to six participants per group. Please click on the APPLY NOW button if you’d like to register your interest in our next round.