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Like A Boss - Six Month Elite Program

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Entry-level program for Solo Practitioners.

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It's Time to Invest in You, Boss.

Let's face it, our businesses are our "other" babies, right? We dream for their futures, we watch them grow, we fear them falling or worse, failing. We love them passionately but at the same time resent the endless demands they make of us (and then we feel guilty). No one can say a bad word against our businesses, even though we might swear like troopers about them daily. No one will love our businesses as much as we do, no one will understand the gut feelings we have about what's right for them. And of course, no one sees how terrified and isolated we are most days.

Most business owners move pretty quickly from being highly skilled in their chosen profession (for me, that's psychology) to working for themselves within that profession. Without warning, we move from professional to business owner, team leader, chief marketer, HR expert, and so many other things - with no training, no safety net, no wires. Like Spiderman we just start slinging webs and hope for the best. We learn by doing, and figure it out as we go along.

So courageous. So innovative. But really, so isolated and worried that we'll royally stuff it all up! We find ourselves wondering what secrets do all those other business owners have that we don't. How do they make it look so easy. How do they not look as frazzled as we feel? What tricks do they have that we have somehow failed to figure out?

The secret isn't really a secret at all. It's a simple decision. The hard road? Or the less hard road? (There's no easy road.)

By investing in YOU and your capacity to confidently run your business you will see the mythological freedom and flexibility that working for yourself promised move out of the land of legends and fairytales, and emerge to be within your grasp. You'll adopt a CEO mindset (even if you're a business of one) that will see you strategise for the bigger picture, instead of feeling stuck on the merry-go-round of day-to-day demands.

All it needs is one simple decision from you.

Invest. In. You.