Goal Setting

When you feel like setting goals is putting too much pressure on yourself to “achieve”, it tells me you’re already overwhelmed by all that you have to do in your business.

You feel pressured from all sides.
You feel there are a thousand decisions (big and small) to be made.
You feel isolated within your own team, because no one else quite “gets” the pressure you’re under.
You feel like you’re always chasing your tail.
You feel hamstrung financially, trying to be wise for the future while knowing you need to meet the needs of today.
You feel guilty because you want to offer more to your team, but you just can’t.

You feel guilty because you want to offer more time to your family.

But here’s the thing. Taking time to nut out a bit of a forward plan will help you with the overwhelm. It will help you become more strategic in a number of ways.

Know the difference between what is your role and what to delegate.
Know what can wait.
Know what is strategically aligned to your goals.
Know how to recognise someone else’s distracting priority (so you can say no).
Know in advance the general structure for your days, weeks, and months.
Know you can take time out for your family.
Know your business will survive if you turn your phone off while you do strategic planning.

Know your inbox can wait.

Treat goal-setting as a navigational mission. Your big picture goal is your ultimate destination. Your medium and shorter-term goals are your navigational aids.

Take an hour with a coffee to set yourself some goals that can act as your guide, your scaffolding, your structure to help you reach you bigger picture vision.

And if goal setting seems too big a task, start with a simple ‘brain dump’ to declutter your mind. You can always come back to your notes later and sort them into something tangible.

Much love,