CEO Mindset Training

Welcome to my CEO Mindset Course!

I am so excited to bring you this self-paced training program, featuring six pre-recorded videos, plus all the slides for each lesson and lots of extra resources to go along with them.

Each lesson has the relevant resources, articles or homework tasks on the right hand side of your screen.

Before you get started, please complete the pre-work tasks that are on the right hand side of this page. I also suggest clicking the link below to read just how important an untouchable day is:

Why You Need an Untouchable Day...

Once you're ready to dive in to the training, please select 1: Your CEO Identity under course content below. Once you've finished each lesson, please Mark Complete so you can proceed to the next lesson. Whenever you want to resume the course after logging out, please head to the Course Members tab of the website.

Finding Proof


Growing is a scary business sometimes. My finding proof course is a 10 module course designed to guide you through a step by step process in finding all the proof you need to help grow your business and achieve your goals.

The Finding Proof course will help you to:

- Identify why you’re feeling stuck
- Uncover who - and where - you want to be in your life
- Adopt a growth mindset that will empower you to get out of your rut
- Create an action plan that you can follow to take yourself closer to your re-discovered goals
- Find the courage to crush unhelpful thoughts, clearing a path for growth and success

This course will help you create a tangible, measurable and achievable action plan that will lead you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Remember, you have all the power to get unstuck and move forward. Take action to find your proof, and use it to your advantage.

Best wishes,


Medicare Better Access Training

Welcome to my new and improved Better Access training!

This training will take you through the basics of Better Access and beyond and help you move confidently into dealing with this program within your private practice. By the time I'm done with you, you could even be whipping your referrers into shape! (Hint: They're no more an expert than you are, and have umpteen other programs to deal with too).

There are seven lessons in this course, each with a training video of around 15-30 minutes in duration. Please go through each lesson and watch all the videos to get the most out of this training.

Under the Resources tab to your right, you'll find my Better Access Workbook, which includes all the information discussed in the videos, plus some more detailed and up-to-date information and examples. There are also handy tips and tricks to help you further understand the Better Access program. The Workbook is your main resource for this course and I recommend downloading it, because it will be extremely useful to have on hand for when you're not sure if you have a valid referral, or can't remember if you need to write to the GP after the first session (Hint: You absolutely SHOULD).

Speaking of writing to the GP, you can also find letter templates under the Resources tab, so you always know exactly what to include when requesting a re-referral or discharging a client - not to mention having a good indication of how long your letters to GPs need to be (not very!).

Other useful resources include my Better Access Survival Guide, Frequently Asked Questions and various tip sheets.

To get started, please select 1: Introduction, Mental Health Care Plans and Referrals under course content below. Once you've finished each lesson, please select Mark Complete so you can proceed to the next lesson. Whenever you want to resume the course after logging out, you can head to the Course Members tab of the website.

Thank you for trusting me and I look forward to helping you untangle your thoughts around Better Access.