Information for Patients

What do mental health professionals do?

Our team is comprised of clinicians such as psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and counsellors. Regardless of professional background, all of our clinicians are trained in evidence-based psychological interventions to assist you with symptom management, behaviour change, or adjustment to difficult life circumstances. Psychological therapy involves talking therapies and practical strategies to assist in improving mental health. We do not prescribe medication.

Depending on your needs, you will be matched to an appropriate clinician who may provide assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment for a range of mental health concerns.

Some of our treatment services are aimed at early intervention and prevention. So it is NOT necessary to have a major mental illness to benefit from psychological treatment.

Are psychologists doctors?

Psychologists typically do not have medical training (unlike psychiatrists, who do).
Psychologists do not prescribe medication.
Some psychologists may use the title “Dr” if they have a relevant PhD or Professional Doctorate. For example, Dr Tess Crawley completed a PhD in clinical psychology in 2004.

Do I need a referral to see a mental health professional?

Not necessarily. You can arrange to be seen without a referral. This is called a self-referral.

We accept referrals from all sources, although Medicare rebates are only available upon referral from your GP with a mental health care plan. It is possible to attend your first session under a fee-per-service basis and then arrange the GP referral.

Please see your GP to discuss a referral and whether or not you are eligible for a mental health care plan.

Where STPI (previously ATAPS) funding* is available, secondary referrals (such as from a child health nurse or school principal) are also accepted. Please call the office for clarification.
* We are contracted through PHT to provide STPI-funded services in Launceston, Scottsdale, George Town and on the East Coast of Tasmania. Unfortunately this is not available in Hobart

What will it cost to see a mental health professional?

Session fees vary depending on length of session and the qualifications of your therapist. It is best to call the practice to discuss the actual fees that will apply to you.

You will be asked to pay on the day of consultation. You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate, depending on how you were referred. Please note, we are not a bulk billing practice.

If you live in areas where we have a contract with Primary Health Tasmania to provide STPI services (previously known as ATAPS), you may be eligible for sessions with no out-of-pocket cost (this is limited to Launceston, Scottsdale, George Town, and East Coast clients, where we are contracted under PHT to provide STPI-funded services). Unfortunately this does not apply in Hobart.

Our admin team can assist with current fees, and whether or not you are eligible for a Medicare rebate or STPI-funded services.

Can I have an assessment done for court?

Medico-Legal / Forensic Reports

Your treatment provider may be asked to provide a treatment report for court purposes, workers compensations, etc. It is best if a letter of request outlining the scope of such a report is provided by your lawyer. Please speak to you lawyer if you are unsure.

Independent forensic psychological assessments and reports are only offered in our Hobart office. You can contact the Hobart office via our Contact page to enquire about fees for these services.

Please note: Medicare rebates are not available for assessments or reports.


If you have any questions at all please feel welcome to send us a message and we will get in touch with you real soon.