The Working Party -3. Structure Your 2023 (In-Person Event 14 November)

In-Person Events are back! Who’s ready?

This is the third and final In-Person Event I am running throughout the second half of 2022 in Melbourne. It’s been such an incredibly long time since I’ve been able to run workshops, and I can’t wait to get back into that space again.

The Working Party – 3. Structure Your 2023
Monday 14th November 2022

Limit – 20 attendees

CONTENT – Bring all your creativity and energy to this powerhouse end to 2022. We’ll design your diary structure for your ideal week, and help you plan how to implement it. We’ll plot the main points you want to achieve for the year ahead, and get you committed (and organised) to achieve them. We’ll even get you committed to a break during the coming year! Let’s make sure 2023 works for YOU!

Location: Melbourne location – to be confirmed

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