The Keepers – Al Campbell

Al Campbell’s stunning debut novel, The Keepers, is such beautiful story about love, motherhood, and pain. This one is going to sit with me for a really long time.
Jay is the mother of exceptional twin boys, Frank and Teddy, each with their own special needs. She mothers them with a gentle patience and fierce love, which hides her own traumatic experience of being mothered.
As a psychologist and a mother to my own exceptional boys, I found The Keepers to be so real and so beautifully honest. I saw myself in many moments of Jay’s story. I’m sure many parents will.

I loved this book and can’t wait to read more of Al Campbell’s work in the future. The Keepers is simply beautiful.

– Tess


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This daring and dazzling debut shines a light on the unsung heroes of our communities: the carers.

Jay is devoted to the care of her teenage twins who view the world as differently as it views them. Frank is sweet, sensitive and bullied, while whip-smart Teddy needs an iPad to speak. With an absent husband and battling a nightmare bureaucracy, Jay leans heavily on Keep, her lifelong half-real friend. But in the corner of her eye lurks her mother, and a childhood Jay knows she can’t ever outrun.

Jay believes she is managing quite well, with a half-grip on this half-life of hers. That is, until Teddy starts to get sick, refusing to eat, while doctors refuse to listen, confounding everything Jay thought she knew about what lies ahead.

The Keepers is an incredible and fiercely honest debut about the damage done by parents who can’t love, the failures of a community that only claims to care, and the resilience of those whose stories mostly go untold.