Finding Proof Course

It can be incredibly frustrating to feel stuck in your life, your career, or even in time. As business owners we sometimes feel like life is moving at light speed and we’ve completely missed the boat. It is important to remember that your setbacks don’t define you, and they certainly don’t have to stop you from achieving the ultimate personal success.

Finding Proof is a 10 module, self-paced course designed to guide you step-by-step through the process of how to create an achievable action plan to meet your goals. This course will help to empower you to reach the goals you have set for yourself and your business.

Re-discover everything you’re capable of achieving!

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With this course, you will see the evidence of your accomplishments thus far and learn how to use them to launch yourself into tangible, measurable and achievable action.

Remember, you are capable of trying anything – let go of the doubts and learn to move forward.

Finding Proof will help you to:

  • Identify the real, core reason why you’re feeling stuck.
  • Uncover who – and where – you want to be in business in 12 months time.
  • Learn specific strategies to adopt a growth and abundance mindset that will empower you to get out of the rut you feel you’re in.
  • Find the courage to crush unhelpful, negative thoughts that hold you down, clearing your path for growth and success.
  • Create an action plan that takes you closer to your biggest goals every single day.

Included are 10 pre-recorded videos (each between 8 – 17 minutes in length) to guide you through the course, which you can go back to at any time in this self-paced training. There is also a workbook included to help you work through the various course activities.