CEO Mindset Training

My CEO Mindset training is a self-paced, six lesson training program covering all the elements of your business ownership stress points. You know, the things that keep you awake at night: Money mindset, revenue streams, recruitment/retention, operational efficiencies, delegation, time management, and more!

The course includes six pre-recorded lessons, plus handy tip sheets and resources and LOTS of activities for you to work through between each lesson, so you can walk away from this program feeling more confident, more clear, and much, much more strategic than you ever have before.

Your business won’t know what’s hit it! In all of the good ways, of course!

$497.00 inc. GST



Too often we business owners keep ourselves tiny and hidden and don’t feel that we’re “enough”. Good enough, experienced enough, knowledgeable enough. You name it, we’ll believe we lack it.
The reality is we are all visionaries. We have big ideas, which we doggedly pursue step by step, despite our fear and uncertainty. In many ways we act like CEOs without realising it.

What if we owned that?

What if we consciously adopted a CEO Mindset … thinking big, having faith in our vision, and strategically stepping one foot in front of the other towards that vision.
How much more could we achieve?
How much stability would we bring along with that mindset shift?
Stability that helps us weather the storms of business ownership, that’s what!

This program has been over 12 months in the making, and I couldn’t be more excited to be finally bringing it to life in an easy to navigate, self-paced online learning platform.

Training resources include:

  • Pre-recorded video content
  • Lesson slides
  • Activities and exercises to work through
  • Tip sheets, e-book, social media & marketing templates and guides
  • Recommended articles