Better Access & Beyond ... Private Practice Essentials

Medicare Training for Mental Health Professionals in Private Practice

Tess Crawley BW 031

The Training that Just Might Save Your Bacon

Better Access doing your head in? 

Me too. And I'm a trained trainer in this stuff!

Since the launch of Better Access back in 2007, there have been multiple changes and adaptations to the program, leaving mental health professionals and referrers equally confused and frustrated.

In addition to the basics of Better Access (which could be confusing enough at times) we've had Bushfire Items, Covid Items, Telehealth, and the "Extra 10" to contend with.  While I absolutely celebrate that Better Access has helped increase the availability of private mental health treatment within the community, it has become something of a Frankenstein's monster, with bits bolted on all over the place! Also known as an "administrative nightmare"!

And don't get me started on the Helpline! (I know they're doing their best, but really ... )

What is the difference between a MHCP and a referral? What about a re-referral versus a review? How many sessions can my client have access to? Do referrals expire? What about Plans? What happens if I'm audited? What item numbers should I use if my client is on an Extra 10 referral? In January? And what does 'shared liability' mean?

If you're confused, congratulations. It just proves you're as normal as the rest of us!

But rest assured, I can help sort you out.

This training will take you through the basics and beyond and help you move confidently into dealing with this program within your private practice. By the time I'm done with you, you could even be whipping your referrers into shape! (Hint: They're no more an expert than you are, and have umpteen other programs to deal with too).

Training is in the format of pre-recorded video content, plus a workbook, tips and templates. And there's also a beautifully supportive Facebook community exclusive to training participants, for those days when you just can't see the wood for the trees.

Site licenses are available for larger practices.