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Defining Emotional Intelligence and how it can affect Mental Health

If we were to define ‘emotional intelligence’ exactly what would it be? Emotional intelligence (EI) is essentially an individual’s ability to connect their personal experiences with those of others. The term gained popularity in the 1995 book “Emotional Intelligence”, written by author and science journalist Daniel Goleman, and it’s gone on to become an integral […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Am I susceptible? 

The evidence is clear – Australians will be exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lives. Traumatic events can come in all shapes and sizes however according to Phoenix Australia, the most common traumatic events people in Australia are exposed to are: the unexpected death of someone close to them; witnessing someone badly injured […]

Introducing Dr Jane Direen

Dr Jane Direen – Psychologist Why did you decide on a career in this industry? I became fascinated with human behavior when I completed an introduction to psychology course in College. I had always been interested in health (physical, mental, emotional etc) since I was little (I used to run laps around my house to […]

Introducing Chantell Jones

Chantell Jones – Mental Health Clinician  Why did you decide on a career in this industry? I have a passion for connecting with people on which ever level they are presenting at and being able to sit alongside them in their journeys to wellness, whatever that may look like to them. What do you enjoy […]

Introducing Samantha Sturmer

Sam Sturmer – Social Worker – St Helens, Launceston & Rural Outreach Why did you decide on a career in this industry? I am passionate about working with our most vulnerable people in society and mental health is an area where I would like to gain more skills and knowledge and apply this when working […]